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[4/26/23] working on fixing glitchy pages, added stuff to home page!
[4/19/23] update diary, cassette page! added guestbook too
[4/18/23] added a ton of pages, updated inks
[4/11/23] giant revamp
[12/6/22] diary update
[12/5/22] photo portfolio + diary update

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Hello and welcome to pyrrhiclover, which is run by Charlie! This website exists as a portfolio, archive, diary, and garbage dump for everything and anything that I do or like. I've grown tired of losing my creations and knowledge to the ether, so here this is. Hopefully this little tiny peek into my subconscious is fun and perhaps useful to anyone visiting! Enjoy your stay :-) And PLEASE sign my guestbook! AND watch out for secret pages :-)

This little compendium is eternally under construction, so please be patient with me! Feel free to contact me for affiliation or anything, really.

Currently: creating shop stock for my teeny crochet business, getting back into drawing, doing yoga, preparing for my summer, fixing my silly website, loafing, watching will ferrell movies, going insane.

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