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an attempt was made to cook... here lies the recipes i have attempted to cook.
cooking is hard!! i want to document my fun little cooking struggle journey here, i hope you enjoy!

vegan mac and cheese !!

i was craving vegan mac and cheese from my local vegan soul food place, so i decided to make my own! i didn't make my own cheese sauce so this was much easier than i thought it would be. what i used: violife mozzarella, violife cheddar, garlic powder, onion powder, kosher salt, everything but the bagel seasoning, black pepper, panko bread crumbs/normal bread crumbs, vegan ground beef, oat milk, flour, country crock "butter". i think this is everything. much of this was to taste! to put the crumbs on top to bake, i mixed the crumbs i had with avocado oil and baked at 425F for 8-10 minute (or until golden brown).

the next day i tried this recipe with firm tofu and spinach. tastes great!!

red lentil vegan curry!

during my housewarming in september, i made my first attempt at making curry from scratch! bonus- it's vegan :3 i thought it would be much harder, but it was actually quite easy. however, i didn't prepare the ingredients beforehand, so i struggled quite a bit in trying not to let everything burn. i also added nutritional yeast and adjusted the spice ratios per taste.

here is the recipe! rainbow plant life has a video to accompany it for visual learners :^) her vegan recipes are awesome and easy for beginners, but it's a bit difficult to cook when you're low on spoons. though, that's definitely true for most dishes. cooking can be a group effort!